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Eating is essential to life and something we need to do everyday.


Daily exercise or movement is also essential to building and balancing a happy body. Does that require taking a class, walking 5 miles, or lifting weights 3 times a week? Absolutely not!


Finding sustainable movement may mean movement one day  or you may need to rest your body with meditation or gentle stretching so your body can reset and relax.

The goal for eating and exercising is to feel better when you finish than you did when you started.


As a dietitian and graduate of the Academy of Culinary Nutrition, my intention is to encourage you to learn to layer your nutritional choices with beneficial foods and guide you to eat with intention and attention. Eating just the right amount to fuel the activities you have scheduled for that day.

As a Pilates instructor, avid walker and very fidgety human, exercise should be sustainable and enjoyable! Exercising can be active/intentional exercise for fitness (pilates or walking, or swimming etc ) or passive/attentional exercise which may be activities of daily living like cooking or cleaning, meditation, gardening, bird watching, painting, or gentle stretching, We need both: exercise for good health and exercise for mental health.  

Luci Crow, MS, RD

Certified MELT Instructor

Certified Pilates Instructor

Culinary Nutrition Expert  

Holistic Cannabis Educator

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