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Come Refresh Your Body

What Is MELT?


The MELT Method is a science-backed self-care technique that anyone can use to stay active, enhance performance, and get out (and stay out) of pain. 

Developed by manual therapist and exercise physiologist Sue Hitzmann, it uses specially designed hand and foot treatment balls and custom made soft rollers (along with your own body and breath) to calm the mind, tap into the autonomic regulators of the nervous system to boost control, and restore the supportive qualities of the connective tissue system to bring stability and balance back to the body.

The restoration happens through rehydration—improving fluid flow throughout the connective tissue system called fascia. With gentle techniques, we help restore fascia’s supportive, supple qualities and release unwanted compression and tension that leads to imbalance and misalignment. The effect helps improve autonomic regulation and efficiency (making you feel in control of your life) which can lead to a cascade of vibrant, healthful effects throughout your entire body—from moving with ease to bright, supple skin to better sleep and more energy. 

While we have you here, here’s what MELT is not: It’s not exercise or a workout replacement, it’s not stretching, and (even though we’re technically assisted by soft foam rollers) it’s not your typical foam rolling. We think of it as Hands-Off Bodywork—it’s a technique that empowers you with the ability to treat yourself like a skilled, hands-on therapist.

Who Can Do Melt?

MELT is suitable for all levels. The pace is slow & focused to build strength, body consciousness, and improve mobility.

Who Should Do MELT?


MELT is both “prehab” (a method you can use to prevent pain and issues before they start) and a practice that can help ease aches or imbalances that have already set in. While some modifications may be necessary, there’s never a wrong time to MELT. While of course people with chronic pain or demanding athletic training will find a multitude of benefits through MELT, the actual answer to the “who and when” question is “everyone, every day.” Here’s the thing—daily living (the kind we all do) creates repetitive motions, whether it’s swatting a tennis ball, chopping up veggies for dinner, sitting at your office desk using a computer, or texting a friend. And over time, these repetitive motions can lead to repetitive stress injuries, chronic aches and pain, and joint decentralization causing imbalance and a loss of structural integrity in the body. So if you’re alive and breathing—no matter what your age or activity level—MELT should be an integral tool in your self-care kit. And more good news: the commitment is pretty minimal. Just 10 minutes, three times a week has been clinically proven to help ease pain and restrictions. 


What Does MELT Feel Like?


The idea of Hands-Off Bodywork holds true in the experience, as the soft, grippy rollers and treatment balls were actually designed to mimic a therapist’s thumb, hand, elbow, or forearm. 

MELT classes move slowly, intentionally, and always gently. This makes them accessible to any age or ability—and there are many modifications that can be made for anyone who needs additional aid.


Another incredible feature of MELT is that you’ll feel an immediate difference after every session when reassess your self-care work and value the changes it makes—people often report feeling lighter and freer when they move, more balanced in their body, and (depending on the session) either relaxed or energized.


We will use MELT Rollers and Balls to Reconnect and Rehydrate the connective tissue so you can move more freely without pain and frustration.


What Can You Expect In MELT Sessions?

  • Introduction to MELT Maps: For use at home to reduce "stuck stress" throughout your body. 

  • Rebalance your "autopilot": Calms your autonomic nervous system.

  • Connect to your center of gravity: Improves stability and mobility throughout your body.


⭐︎⭐︎ Come Refresh Your Body ⭐︎⭐︎


⭐︎⭐︎  Feel Better When You Leave, Than When You Arrived. ⭐︎⭐︎

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